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In Business since 1988.
How often should I have my 
machine serviced?
For best performance your sewing machine, embroidery machine or serger should be cleaned, oiled and adjusted every one to two years depending on use. Regular servicing will lengthen the life of your machine and help prevent major repairs that can often be costly. If you use your machine for a business, it is possible that it may require service every 6 months.

What makes and models of machines do you service?
We service and repair all makes and models.  

What should I bring?
Just bring the basics. 
We need your machine, foot control & cord, zig-zag foot, and embroidery foot and embroidery unit if you have an embroidery machine.
Its best to leave accessories like cases, instruction manuals and extra feet at home.
If you have a sample of the problems you are experiencing bring those too.  

How long will my repair take?
This can be very difficult to estimate, however repairs
have a general turn around of one week to 10 days. 
This depends on how many repairs have been taken in, whether your machine needs parts, 
or the severity of the repair. 
Tips from the repair bench:
If you are having trouble with tension, or 
quality of stitch always try the following first:
Re-thread your machine.
Incorrect threading is a common problem.
Sometimes when we thread our machines
we fail to get the thread properly into the 
tension disks. Remember, always thread with 
your presser foot up.
Change your needle.
Needles bend and wear out. You should change your 
needle after every 8-10 hours of sewing. Pay attention 
to how your sewing machine sounds as the needle is 
piercing the fabric, you’ll begin to recognize when it’s 
time to change your needle in the future. 
Change your bobbin.
Its possible your bobbin could be wound incorrectly, 
or the threads are not properly in the tensions.

   If you are still having problems, give us a call.  
We can try to help you troubleshoot over the phone, but it is possible you may need to 
bring your machine in for servicing or repair.

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