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                                11-3:00p.m. in WEST FRANKFORT    
                                11-3:00p.m. in CARBONDALE
                                11-3:00p.m. in PADUCAH

                                11-3:00p.m. in WEST FRANKFORT    
                                11-3:00p.m. & 4-7:45p.m. CARBONDALE
                                11-3:00p.m. in PADUCAH

Join us in West Frankfort, Carbondale or Paducah for Quilt Builder Tuesdays!
Tuesdays are set aside as a day for you to make-up a class you missed or finish up on a class you started.  We have three different options available to you.
1.)  Bring your own machine and work independently on Projects FREE!
2.) Make up a Class Project Fee: Original Class Fee. Machines available for use for a fee
Click on the link below to download the schedules for each store.  You will need Adobe Reader to view these pdf files. 
All 3 of our locations have classes available including project classes and FREE operator lessons for 
new machine owners. 
Learn to sew for your home, child, or embroider a shirt for yourself.  Learn to quilt, make a purse, create a tablerunner...and so much more!
You CAN sew, and we will teach you!
  Browse through our class schedule, find a project you would like to make and give us a call to sign-up. It's that easy.  

No experience needed.
Project classes fees are $15 per session, supplies extra unless
 otherwise stated.

Quilt Builders  TUESDAY & THURSDAY!  
Did you miss a class due to inclement weather? Were you sick? Out of town? Had the kids? Quilt Builders is a day to start ANY class that just didn't fit into your schedule or finish up a project you already started. 
Quilts, embroidered shirts, purses, YOU PICK!
******Please note.****** 
Our regular classes are put on hold during the month of April each year.  The West Frankfort and Carbondale locations are also both closed during the week of the Paducah AQS Quilt Show.  We appreciate your patience during this month SEW much!
Please call us with your machine needs.  
We are still here to help you during this time, 
our schedules are just a little different.